Flash Fighter
Keyboard arrow keys to control movement, A / blue bullets, S / red bullets, D / Green bullets, the enemies of different colors in different colors needed to combat the bullets. Confirmation dialog box.
Sniper School
Description: This is a polished little flash game taking inspiration from classic arcade shooters. Learn to apply precision shooting skills under all conditions, the game emphasis on how to become a sniper instead of simply shooting bulls e
Double Siege
An artillery battle game, in support of double or single battle against the computer. Single point of playing a direct START, press the Computer When double play triangle next to choose the first two players. To play, the other to see who f
Duck out
About using up and down keys to control movement of the ducks went to red box can be.
Winnie Golf
Move the mouse to adjust angle, press and hold the left mouse button Pactrometer, hitting the left mouse button release, under the flag into the hole to score!
Urban Sniper
Description: The objective of the game is to follow the mission and kill the targets. You have limited bullets and your accuracy is calculated so dont waste ammunition. The hints are shown on the pane on the lower left side. You could also
Panda Park
To support the double game, the most suitable for couples to play together. I began to have prompted the players what keys to use it. Encounter different customs law will take different, sometimes go the opposite direction, sometimes will g
Top Truck
Description: The objective of the game is to reach the finish line as fast as you can. Try not to crash too many times or you will end up destroying the truck. Top Truck the ultimate stunts trucks game Reach the end of the level before time
Hot LZ
Description: With your trusted M16 at hand you have to flush out all the enemies in the dense jungles of Vietnam. Try to complete 52 weeks collecting the ammo parachutes to fuel your M16. Collect the hidden enemy intelligence maps and try t